In my quest to regain control over the way I receive news, I’ve been using RSS feeds again. Instead of receiving only the most popular content or content that is dictated by the masses, I want to get an overview of what is going on in the world from many viewpoints.

The idea is to subscribe to as many blogs and news sites as possible and keep a zoomed out view of them. I subscribe to left, centrist and right sites, as well as blogs from anyone I find interesting.

I kind of picture it as something like the bat computer - my view into everything going on in the world.

Unlike normal RSS readers, every feed is presented at once and with a uniform styling.

The reader counts my clicks and sorts the feed boxes by how often I click into them (sometimes to my chagrin). It also draws a last read line in each feed, so I can quickly see which headlines are new.

With my RSS reader, I’ve been able to watch how news bubbles around the internet, as well as see how different popular links are received across aggregator sites. Unfortunately, It’s also become a good way of wasting time, but at least its on my own terms.