When setting up a new machine, I generally go through the same process: install a minimal linux OS, then add my favored applications on top of it. In this post, I’ll list the applications I tend to install and use. See this post if you want to see my history of linux usage.




  • Compiler: gcc
  • Interpreter: python
  • Reverse Engineering: binary ninja, radare2

Terminal Stuff

Knowledge Management

  • Ebook library: calibre2
  • PDF library: zotero
  • Youtube: youtube-dl
  • Notes: filekasten



Vim Plugins


  1. I use xfce4 because it’s somewhat lightweight and provides several session based functions I like: dbus communication, integration with printers, monitor management, etc. The applications I use from xfce4 are: xfce4-panel, xfce4-terminal, xfce4-session - but not xfce4-desktop, since I don’t need a desktop with icons. 

  2. I wish I had a better ebook manager, but this one is mostly fine